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#Realtors: Who’s In The Mirror Is Your Biggest Competition

Remember that old line “mirror mirror on the wall”?  Here is the truth, the mirror’s response is really your response to yourself.  You proclaim your truth, and only your positivity or negativity is the reality of that face to face experience.  Here is another truth for all of us, but especially us as Realtors:  your biggest competition stares you in the face everyday.  In the real estate industry, you can think you have competition around every corner, but the reality is your biggest competition is your own drive and will to succeed.  To be a better you than the day before.  To do more than ever today to be the best in your profession that you have ever been.  The person in the mirror can help with that or fight against you, but it’s all up to you.

People (like myself) say you need to block out the noise and negativity.  Work with blinders.  I believe that.  But sometimes that needs to be “self talk” as well.  Sometimes the loudest voice fighting against your success in real estate is the one in your own head.  And silencing it can be difficult.  There is so much negativity in the world around you, you for sure don’t need it in yourself.  One key I have learned is perspective.  To have the right perspective is to focus on the #wins.  When you focus not only on what you can do, but what you already have done that has been a success, you shift your focus and your perspective.  We fail when we focus on what we can’t or didn’t do, and it weighs us down.  When we focus on the wins (or what we CAN and HAVE done) it gives us momentum to do it again.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a daily effort.  We can’t just do this one time and it work for ever.  Like anything that breeds success it takes hard work.  Work is the variable that separates true and lasting success from short term luck or happen stance.  Just as we look in the mirror every morning, we must remind our self to fix our perspective and focus every morning to what we did well yesterday and what we are going to accomplish today.  Every morning, tell yourself how you will #win today.  Not against anyone else, but against the part of you that holds the doubt and negativity you hear in your head.  If you win the competition inside yourself, no matter the competitors that exist in the world around you, technically you already have won. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa