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#Realtors: Why BLOG?

Is it just me, or is weird to write a blog on blogging?  Especially a Realtor career blog talking about why you as a Realtor need to blog to grow your career.  Wrap your mind around that one.  But in all honestly, since i first got into Real Estate in 2003, blogging was the base level of content creation that could grow your brand and exposure to help your career blossom, and it didn’t cost a dime essentially.  Still doesn’t.  Though over the years, i think with the rapid growth of audio and video of course, we have seen a decline in BLOG activity and consistent creation from the real estate community.  Since sites like ActiveRain took off years ago, there really hasn’t been a strong consistency or new blog writers of Realtors.  While it has evolved and morphed some, there is still great value to making it a staple pillar to your content strategy.

I was just talking to a fellow Broker the other day when he said that most people in his office would rather read something than watch a video about it.  Now, while i think audio is stealing from video because of passive consumption tendencies – reading is even more intensive of an attention need vs. even video.  So if passive consumption is becoming more culturally normal, why would I tell you that you need to blog weekly?  Well, for starters, there is also data that shows increases in video’s watched on silent – how?  People are reading captions.  This, among other points i will mention below, shows how blogging is still needed, but that it may have evolved some.

  1.  Shorten your blog. – Now I have argued other on this.  There are some blogs and topics (like tutorials and “how to’s” that require longer, in-depth, picture and video embedded blogs.  But sites like were created for reasons.  To know exactly how much time it was going to take of my precious day to read this blog.  In the same way, micro-blog content on organic is still huge.  Little blog quotes as micro content may work better than the whole Blog itself.  My point, don’t worry on making it a long, whole website looking blog post.  It doesn’t have to be anymore to be rewarded and used.
  2. Google still rewards you. – There is still organic SEO advantage to blog posts.  Consistency is better than the size of the blog.  And quantity over time (aka patience) will win.  Of course you can help your cause with back-linking, keywords, graphic inserting, etc.  Basically you can optimize your blog to be rewarded more from GOOGLE.  But, at the same time, even if you don’t – something is better than nothing. (1>0)
  3. Content Upon Content – A blog can be the starting point for many pieces of micro-content.  Meaning, a good blog can be your source for multiple pieces of content in your week.  Based on your blog content, you can create a video and podcast (and actually vice-versa).  You can take excerpts from your blog fro linked in FB posts.  You can take quotes from your blog and create Instagram image-graphic posts or post quotes on your Instagram stories and Snapchat.  Basically you are writing a blog not as one piece of content, but as a source (pillar) piece each week that will give you tons of content for 7 days.
  4. Stay Consistent. – A weekly blog is my recommendation.  Stay consistent and share your blog everywhere.


Now, create a or WordPress acct. (and don’t forget LinkedIn articles) and get started today! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa