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#Realtors: Why Insta Stories & Snapchat?

No one is on Snapchat anymore.  I always forget to do Instagram stories through my day.  I don’t get why i need to be doing real time micro-content?  Ok, the last one might be something I have not heard verbatim, but the gist of it is still there in so many statements from Realtors that i talk to.  I know I am leaving out Facebook stories and Youtube stories (who were both late to the party in my opinion), but let’s try and narrow down our focus on the 2 major players in the micro-content scene: Instagram and Snap.  Two different social platforms, two different demographics, 2 very different layouts.

Snapchat burst on the scene as more of a communication platform for teenagers who didn’t want their parents to see what they were talking to their “friends” about.  Face filters, locations, disappearing messages, and 24 hour viewing of a persons story made a huge splash for both the high school and college demographic, and trickled upward in age from there once people realized the attention it was getting and the filter creations for business and marketing.  Then enter Instagram to steal the idea to bring everything back in-house for their user base.  And now we are left with 2 similar platforms with 2 very different uses and audiences (which affects how you, as a real estate agent should use them).

I dont want to spend 10 paragraphs, though i could, on how each platform works and all the uses for each and your content strategy.  SO let me focus on some highlights:

Snapchat – 14-25 year old demographic.  Can be more raw, funny, corky in your content.  Mix in some advice and value to the younger generation on how to buy real estate.  Use filters over the right kind of locations and events to have some fun with your brand in relation to the location or event.  Cost is still low.  Great platform to show some personality.

Instagram – 22-38 year old target demographic.  Limited on linking out to sites or content based on your follower size on your page, BUT, still able to find new audience and followers with consistent and value add content.  But, this is also a time to show your “behind the scenes” of your day and career.  Real time (disappears after 24 hours unless saved) and no editing or fancy videographer needed.  Be you.  Brand you.  Market listings, neighborhoods, local hotspots, and more!  Build relationship through stories with people you have never even met!

This is a free and unbelievable effective way to reach people with you and your brand.  It should be utilized every day at a min. of 6-8 posts per day on each platform.  And you can even cross post some of the same content because of the difference in audiences and demographics on the platforms.  Don’t miss out – start today!