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#Realtors, Why Podcast?

Realtors, we are going to embark for most of the summer on a “why” series in our blogs here.  I want to give you some value around why I think (and the industry and culture think) you should be doing certain things that I believe will grow your real estate career over the long term (and short term).  My goal is to maybe help start some conversations in your mind to either validate your efforts, or make you start new ones.  Too many in our industry are going to burn out and fade out over the next 5-10 years not only because of a changing industry they fail to keep up with, but a mindset that certain things don’t matter for their business and brand and thus don’t do those things.  Change is constant and inevitable – if you can move and adapt your business, it will eventually cease to exist over time.

What’s the name of your podcast?  Not your favorite podcast you listen to, your actual podcast you create?  Oh, you don’t have one?  There’s the rub.  Why not?  If you have listened to podcasts, why wouldn’t you have one of your own?  Podcasting is consistently year over year on the rise in popularity.  It is being consumed on higher levels than ever before.  It is the new “Radio” medium, and every one has access to create and distribute their own.  One of the biggest reasons it is gaining in popularity over the last 36 months is the fact you can listen and consume passively, while be able to multi-task and get other work done.  Unlike video and written formats of content, podcasts can be in the background and don’t take your total focus of attention to glean information from.  You can consume while driving, in the office, on a run or working out.  There is freedom in when and where you can listen to the content.  The word “podcast” essentially stems from Apples iPod+broadcast – where as you could get your voice/show heard through iTunes and on their device the iPod.  And now it is easier than ever to be heard on iTunes, Google, Alexa, Stitcher, Spotify, and more!

I use a service called, but there are many more.  Some very basic and FREE to get started, and some more robust with features and abilities.  My point in this post is to get you to just start.  That’s it.  You don’t have to buy hundreds of dollars of equipment, or format a show with celebrity guests each week.  And, you don’t have to have hour long episodes.  Maybe you get there with all that, but it is not necessary for you to start.  If you have a phone, you can start.  If you want to spring for a $40 USB mic on amazon, even that’s an upgrade.  You don’t even need fancy background music or editing skills to start.  So many platforms allow you to just record, upload, and distribute for free if that’s where you want to start. is one i have used.  Anchor app is as well.  Both for FREE. is more robust and can get you heard on Alexa unlike any other platform, and has a ton of features to bolster your audio content strategy.  But no matter how or who you choose to get started with, the goal is to start!  Follow these simple steps:

  1. pick a topic and record you talking and expanding on that topic – goal: provide value and insight that helps your audience. (buyers and sellers)
  2. Pick a platform to upload your recording to (or some you can actually record direct into) – you can add a graphic picture with each episode using programs like Spark Post App from Adobe or Canva.  Feel free to add background music if you want.
  3. Use the platform to get your podcast on platforms like iTunes and google.
  4. Stay consistent – I recommend weekly for your episodes.
  5. Promote the heck out of your podcast and episodes the same way you promote all your content.  Everywhere!