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#Realtors, Why VLOG?

So you may notice a trend in the next few blogs we write on our Realtor career website.  My goal this summer is to give you some thought provoking and tactical advice to grow your career.  That goes for all the content we put out, not just this blog, but all mediums of content including video and audio as well.  Summer can be a very busy time for real estate, and life in general, and it’s easy to forget to keep doing the right tactics and implement new strategies so your momentum doesn’t need to be restarted when the summer ends.  I believe too many real estate agents end up on the up and down cycle of business instead of steady trajectory up simply because we don’t stay consistent on the things that grow and build our business.  We get “busy” with sales and listings as a result of strategy and processes, thus slacking on those strategies and processes and once the sale(s) close out, we have to start over.   This doesn’t have to be so, and it just takes soem focus and discipline.

As we continue to answer some #WHY questions, this week I wanted to take a look at vlogging.  A Vlog (or video-blog) – has evolved in definition over the last 3-5 years.  Personally i didn’t start really vlogging for my business till 2016, but once i did, I saw some immediate benefits.  Now I am going to let you in on a secret: why and how I VLOG is NOT how you should.  I mean that in the sense that my purpose with vlogging is going to look different than most of you who would read this article.  As a Broker In Charge, one of my main goals is recruiting and building our agent team at our company.  So I started a Vlog as a means of digitally recruiting and relationship building for me and my company at Eagle Realty.  I can attest it has worked.  But, your goal (and what i teach my agents) is to build brand and trust as well, but with the intention to connect with potential buyers and sellers.  So your Vlog content may look different, but some of the macro parameters will be the same.  Vlogging is more of a documentary style video ont he daily or weekly to give a real life look into your world.  Think more “Real World” than a movie.  It’s not a formal script and just talking to the camera like a seminar.  It is 3rd party perspective, with some talking to audience, but also a lot of “getting to peek in” on your day to day.  And a Realtor, this can be a great way to build your brand, show people what it’s like working with you as a buyer or seller, show expertise, and separate yourself from your competition with great content for your marketing and branding strategy.

Realtors, a couple things you need to get started though: Vlogging has a higher barrier of entry in my opinion vs. blogging or audio (podcasting) content.  You will need to edit the video (or hire someone to).  You will need some equipment.  And it will take some time and possible mentality adjustment to be used to being filmed.  Also, besides consistency, you will have to learn how to navigate filming while working.  Now the easiest way, but more expensive, is hire a videographer or video team to do everything above.  The more hands on and time consuming way, but less expensive is learn how to set up a camera strategically in certain rooms as you work, selfie-vlog, and edit on programs like iMovie or Adobe Premier, etc as night after your work day.  I have personally done both, but when i decided to go more all in on my VLOG strategy investment, I hired a videographer to work with me for filming and editing.

Video isn’t going anywhere.  But because of the rapid technology advances, which brings cost down on equipment, you have the opportunity to jump in and have a quality piece of content.  But it is a crowded space, and video is one area where quality stands out.  For example, audio quality and video resolution can reflect in a persons perspective on not only your content professionalism, but your Realtor know how as well.  It may not be true necessarily, but it can create perception.  So be careful to think, when it comes to video, consistency AND quality.  I will always lean towards consistency (quantity) winning, even if quality is lesser than someone else – but video and vlogs will tend to have a higher demand of “polished quality” from the audiences point of view. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa