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Realtors, Why #VLOG?

There are so many VLOG’s out there that people watch and consume.  Oh wait, you don’t know exactly what a vlog is?  Well, lets define it real quick.  A vlog is simply a vide documentary of a person or persons daily life.  It is not technically a show with a script, or actors, but rather daily life recorded and re-broadcasted across multiple channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.  Can it be entertaining?  yes.  Can it include other people, of course.  Vlog’s can be shorter or longer, with no real defined requirement for length.  To some extent, there is no super strict definition, as the term is evolving.  But, basic video where you are the main character and you are telling the story of your day in some form or fashion, and you essentially have a vlog.  I would also add to that a requisite of consistency for the “log” part of vlog.

Now that you have an idea of what it is, the more important question you are probably asking is “why” do I, as a Realtor, need to be doing one.  In my opinion, a vlog is one of the best and creative ways to create long form video content that can be broken down into smaller pieces of content for distribution.  A vlog gives you the ability to create the brand of YOU.  You also get to create a construct of who you are to people who have never met you, what you can do for them as their real estate expert, and why they should work with you.  You can convey so many messages that build your brand and even relationship before a client has ever interacted with you.

With a vlog you can build credibility and expertise and have a platform to convey value to potential buyers and sellers about the the real estate process.  There are so many valuable aspects to documenting your journey as a Realtor outside of the short term business building affects.  We haven’t even touched on the long term historical memoirs you are creating for your family, etc.  How awesome of an age do we live in where any of us can create lasting history about ourselves that is showable to generations after us.

So why VLOG?  Content for today and the week, Brand & Relational building value over time, and documenting the history of you for generations to come.  That may not be all the benefits, but those are for sure good ones to make it worth it! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa