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#Realtors, Your Network Is Bigger Than You Think.

Have you ever really thought about the advantages you have as a real estate agent and realtor living in todays culture?  In this era of digital media and marketing, you have opportunities that no other realtor generation before you possessed (at least not on this level).  Your opportunity to reach buyer and seller traffic, in addition to relationship build for refer business, plus realtor-to-realtor networking exists like never before!  You, as a real estate agent, new or #old, can grow your business in new ways never before accessible.  Through social media platforms and the way the digital landscape is shrinking our world (via breaking down proximity barriers) your realtor career can greatly benefit…if you take advantage.

Whats great about all these concept is that for the most part it requires no money to make it happen, only time and effort.  And maybe the discipline to see the value in the long term.  The three arenas I mentioned above are what i want to highlight.  I think there are lots of sub-categories and other strategies you can apply, but we all need to at least start somewhere.

  1. Buyer and Seller traffic:  In our local area, we have a lot of non-locals that live here and practice real estate.  There are many realtors who work where they did NOT grow up.  Meaning?  You have a network of people that you did grow up around, or a place you grew up (or many places you may have moved around from) that you can draw business from.  You would be surprised at the people in a different geographic location that may want to end up where you are.  Or that own property where you are.  Or have multiple people THEY know that have some kind of real estate need where you are.  You have to be top of mind.  You can now (through social media platforms) make sure you are top of mind to your audience of people you grew up around about your real estate business where you are now.
  2. Real Estate Referrals: Same premise as above.  Have you tapped the market of your whole sphere outside the place where you currently work and into the places you have worked, went to school, grew up, have family?  Everyone can be a potential real estate referral resource for your business no matter where you are at.
  3. Realtor Referral Network:  Same premise as number 2 – build relationships via social media outside your local area.  There are #facebook groups galore to join and network with Realtors all over the country…all over the world.  You can connect with other Realtors like never before, build relationship, and build each others business.  This is particularly true in high traffic/desired destinations.

Realtors, take advantage of the networking opportunities available in our digital world! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa