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Realtors – Your Office Is Wherever You Are

I recently (and in the past) have had real estate agents leave or not join our realtor team and company due to wanting a private office.  I get it.  I mean, I have an office, and it’s nice.  But, I also have a home office.  And one at Starbucks, one in my car, actually one in my office.  It’s one thing to say I need an office, and another thing to say I want an office.  For our company, it’s simple.  If you can’t work from anywhere and everywhere, and feel you need a physical space inside our company office dedicated only to you for you to be productive, then our company is not really the right fit for you.  And I am all about fit when it comes to you having a successful real estate career.

My thing is it’s 2019.  Your office is pretty much in your pocket (hand) 24/7, maybe coupled with times of typing on your laptop or maybe an iPad or tablet.  Between digital cloud storage, pdf scanning apps, e-signatures, and mobile MLS, tell me again why you need to clutter a 10×10 space for your real estate success?  Or I like this better.  You say you are waiting on walk in traffic or phone in leads?  How has that trended for you over the last 5 years?  Have you actually ran the numbers?  Let’s add to that the number of sellers and buyers you have met sitting in your office chair?  I’m talking about script calls from 8-10am (don’t even get me started), but true networking and sphere building without having to “sell”,  Building actual relationships and branding yourself?  My point is really, how much of true revenue producing activities as a Realtor come from when you are sitting in your office space inside your companies brick and mortar store front?

It’s not that I am against real estate agents having offices.  In fact, I amy argue I am more against real estate companies having large and ornate offices. But thats another blog.  My point is what is most efficient and effective for the growth of your real estate business in 2019?  What you think you need, vs, what actually works.  I strive, as a broker and owner of a company, to help agents understand how to work in the current industry culture, and what advantages an office can be, and how they can also negatively affect a business.  A tool only works best when used correctly.   I had a group of agents once that wanted an office present in an area, but none of them ever came into the office.  They just wanted to say they had one and stop in every once in a while if a client really wanted to meet there (which accounted for about 10% or less of all clients).  This space averaged a cost of about $2200 a month.  Could you not think of a way to better use $2200 a month to boost brand and sales in a region instead sq ft. that is not being used?  I think you can…and i think if you start thinking that way, you will grow your business faster and smarter than most others in our industry. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa