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#RealtorsReflect – On This Year…

I know that it is still September, but we are days away from entering into the 4th quarter of the year.  Which, by the way, it the last quarter of 2019.  At Eagle we use this quarter to not only finish strong, but really for 2 other things: evaluate and strategize.  Yes, I believe that in the micro you focus on making each day the best and continue to grow your business.  But, as a Realtor, you will need to think with the mind of a business owner (because you are) and that means some macro focus as well.  You want to continue to work and keep your real estate sales business moving forward – but this is the time of year that your business owner goggles have to be on if you are playing for long term success in your career.

I will keep this brief (like most of our blogs) because my goal is usually 2 things.  Make you think, or give you a tactic to put into action.  Neither of those goals require me to go on and on in my writing.  There is a place for long blogs, with graphics and videos inserted and a 5 point dialogue, but that’s honestly not my style and not my purpose.  I want to either get your brain moving or your feet.  It’s that simple.

So as we close out 2019 in our real estate career, I always recommend to my agents, and every agent, to do these 2 things:

  1. Evaluate – look at your goals (if you are not already tracking your metrics somehow for the year) in comparison to where you are currently at and what you predict to do over the last 3 months of the year.  Are they in alignment?  Are you accomplishing what you set out to do this year?  This isn’t just about numbers and sales, this is about any achievement, education, connections, business growth, etc. that you had on your start of the year agenda for your business.  (i would also add you could throw in any personal goal evaluation outside of your career here as well.)  As you evaluate the hard data and metrics that you have (or should be) tracking, develop the “why” as well.  Meaning, why did you or did you not accomplish something.  Write, basically, some lessons learned about how you are where you are for this year of business.  As you have gathered this together comprehensively and can look at your year from a birds-eye view, no you can move on to the next step.  There is no point or dwelling on how good or bad you think you are doing at this point…that can be a waste of energy because we always want to be moving forward, not standing still (even if we are basking in our great accomplishments haha)
  2. Strategize – At Eagle, we do this in 2 parts.  First, i meet with every agent individually and do a quick scope of the year, and more importantly, a look at what they want to accomplish in the coming year.  Hear me on this; not what I WANT them to accomplish, what THEY want to accomplish.  You need to set your own goals.  Secondly, how are we going to get there.  What worked and did not work from this current year, and what can be implemented to achieve what i want moving forward.  The goals of course usually have sales, transactions, dollar amounts with them.  But also, business growth, niche goals, or anything else related to what they define as #success in their career as a Realtor.

So in about a week, it’s time to realize that 2020 is around the corner.  The next (best) year is waiting for you – are you ready?