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Sale: Defined By A #Realtor

It the most wonderful time, of the year!  I know you know the song.  And most retailers are shouting this from the roof tops.  Especially in the brick and mortar space.  Sales are a focus right now.  Increasing revenue to close out the year makes sense, and the holiday season really aids in production for most businesses right now.  For #realestate there is a tendency towards the opposite in the fact of seasonal issues, but also getting sucked into the holiday busy-ness.  But, i think that this is a good time to take a little time for reflection and defining what a “sale” really means to a real estate agent.

See, we are known originally as sales agents.  Our industry is looked at like we are just salesman trying to make a buck.  Much like retail or car sales, we get the same kind of perception from the public.  Is that how you want to be viewed as a Realtor?  As just trying to make a “sale”?  I don’t.  I never have.  I am hoping you dont want that, no lend yourself, to having that perception cast on you.  There is a lot of negative connotation that comes along with that label.  So we have to work hard to re-define who and what we are trying to accomplish as real estate professionals.

It starts with the fact we aren’t just trying to make a sale.  We are working for a client to complete a transaction.  We are serving, not selling.  We are facilitating, not forcing.  We work for a client or customer to help.  Plus we are building a relationship that shouldn’t stop when the transaction is complete.  If we truly start to live and speak these things in this way, we will be perceived a whole new way in each of our Real Estate careers.  Our business and companies will have a whole new public perception that doesn’t fit the mold of “salesperson”.

Lets change the game, Realtors!  Let’s be more than just “sales”.  You are so much more, now go live it in your career! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa