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Scale (Your Business) Through People

NAR reports that the fastest growing trend within the real estate industry is the growth of #teams in real estate.  If you really think about it, how different is that mindset and strategy from what I, or any other BIC/Owner, is trying to accomplish?  In fact, they are pretty much exactly the same with minor nuances when it comes to goals and where the growth stops.  So why aren’t we as broker/owners encouraging and sharing strategy with agents on growing teams.  I think it stems from the risk and fear of growing a company within a company, just to see that company leave.  But, if that’s your fear, you may be doomed from the start.  The real question i think for a brokerage, large or small, franchise or independent, is can it bring value to a team and its leader?

This could be a series of blogs, but i just want to make a point.  I want to welcome real estate teams at our company Eagle Realty.  I like the idea of teams.  I like the idea of helping agents create a business with moving parts and forces them to strategy and scaling through people.  I like the idea of helping a team of people achieve a collective goal and build a business.  I don’t know if its the smartest move, but i want to be a company that encourages people that want to grow and build to do just that.  To be a platform (company) that bring value and culture that breeds an environment for success whether thats an individual agent or a leader and their team.

Ways to bring value to a team in your company could include:
– helping recruit specifically for their team need
– commission structure that rewards teams
– coaching on branding and marketing
– VIP access to brokers time/energy/coaching
– helping implement systems & processes
– opportunities for company expansion through a successful team

Basically, if the trend is so strong on the national level and over the last decade, it is not a fad.  Embrace, adapt, and adjust to welcome the trend and we as broker/owners need to find how to integrate real estate teams into our growth strategy. – Careers – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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