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#Change is one of this buzz words used in business in both negative and positive contexts. It is forever a contention of what is supposed to push company’s and employees alike, to the next level of success.  Change is noted as the only constant.  Many business leaders say “change” is what is needed to growth, and many say that you need to “change or die”.  Change has the perception of being scary, while also the excitement of being a new adventure.  Some say a career change happens up to 7 times in our current demographic in America.  Some believe change is what is wrong with our country and some believe that change is the only way we will get anywhere for the better.

When it comes to your real estate career, it is assumed that any real estate agent (Realtor) can change their company at any time, and will, throughout their career.  But is that always the best move?

On one hand – change can be better:  better for your goals.  Better for your career growth.  Better for your pocket financially.  Better commission structures, culture, freedom, ideal and value fit.  Finding a company that is better suited to what you want your real estate career to be all about is a reason where “change” might be the answer.

On the other hand – change can be necessary.  For all the same reasons, but in a more urgent matter that only you can realize.  What’s better implies that where you are is good.  What’s necessary implies where you are is not, and that you need to get out.  Toxic environments and hindrances to your career path and growth require you to take action and make a change.  And in most cases, the “necessary” takes you to the “better”.