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Let’s be honest, so many companies are going to sound like a broken record over the next few weeks.  I will most likely be no different…outside of one little factor: I’m actually right.  Your real estate career in the North Myrtle Beach, SC area in December can feel a little sluggish at time.  Historically, (at least for the last decade or more) our lowest sales volume month is January.  With that in mind, it makes sense that if you are looking for a transition in your career, or a good time to get schooling before the market picks back up, looking around the December holidays is smart  Not to mention, our Association annual dues are required to be paid this month and to get a fresh start with a better company just makes sense.

Which brings me to the pitch you will hear not only from me, but from everyone.  And a pitch that is not a pitch.  Honestly, it’s a choice you have to make, and I only recommend making it if you believe in it.  Like, if i am “selling” you on that choice I am sorry.  It’s a fine line with as much content as I put out for me not to sound like a salesman trying to lure you to Eagle Realty with the promise of fame and fortune.  DO I think i can make your real estate career better? Yes.  But I’m honestly not trying to convince you.  The answer is dependent on you believing it to be true – it’s just true.  But, the only way i would ever suggest a transition in your career was if YOU believe it.  Then, and only then, will the outcome match the promise.

Can i resource you, offer coaching, provide time and training, increase your GCI per sale, and teach you to increase your ROI on marketing? Yes.  But if you want that to happen from me, you have to WANT it to happen for you.  We can do it together, but not if I “sold” you on it.  Only if you really believe it.  And this season, this holiday season, it really all comes down to belief. – Career – Me