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Strategy – #RealEstate

I usually like more catchy type titles – but this one word #strategy pretty much sums it up.  Do you know how many agents i have encountered that are waiting around just hoping some real estate activity happens for them?!  A hope, wish, and a prayer is not a sound strategy for business (though i do believe prayer is vital daily, but not in this particular context we are referring to).

A strategy must encompass planned activity and behavior that happens daily to reach a predetermined goal.  It is the “how” when striving toward a destination.  Its the path you walk/run to make it to where you are heading in your business.  Strategy can be short term, intermediate, or long term.  Sometimes strategies may crossover with others you have enacted, and sometimes they stand alone.  They can be adjusted and improved, but never neglected.  By having a strategy, you enable yourself to gather data through actions, and then adjust the small parts in the strategy to make it more efficient to better reach the goal.  In short, its the plan.

But why?  why have it?  Because otherwise you are sit still and wait.  Strategy is planned action.  It is not necessarily designed to yield immediate fruit, but rather over time reach harvest. (agricultural metaphor, check!) It is work with purpose, even if it sometimes seems mundane in the moment.  You rarely reach a destination without a plan how to get there.  Goals without strategy are just wishes.  If you have trouble creating a plan to get to your goal, the solution is simple – ask for help.  Thats what a coach, broker, BIC, mentor, etc. is for. – Careers – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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