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The Difference Between Complacency and Contentment is Complaining

There is very little that will slow your business progress and growth, especially in real estate, more than complaining.  The negative association of whining and complaining about ANYTHING takes time, energy, and effort that is stolen from any productive activity that you could be doing  Not only is it a drain on you and those around you, but it changes your psychological state and mood, causing even more chance for an unproductive day to enter your business.

While that may be the extreme, albeit true, side of the spectrum about the negative effects of complaining, the other more subtle side to the argument is that complaining can creep in to a sub par, or complacent, side of your real estate business state.  Here is what i mean: the perspective you maintain on your business and what you do day-to-day to hit goals and move forward with momentum into growth can be hindered by complaining, thus bringing any forward momentum to a halt.  If you complain a lot, compare yourself to others or define your success by someone else’s terms – then complaining has been coupled with complacency in your business.  You stop, get stuck, and settle for where you are at, but aren’t happy about it.  Even if by other people’s standards you are in a good place, because of the negative cloud of complaining, you feel stuck, not successful.  Enter in the difference between complacency and contentment.

You see, being content means you are in a positive state of where your real estate business and your life is, but you are not settling.  You are still wanting to move forward, still want to reach new levels of success on your terms.  But where there is contentment, there is no whining and no complaining.  There is no room for the negative emotion, perspective, and actions associated with complaining when you are content.

You have to flip the switch from becoming complacent, unhappy with where you are at and never moving forward – with – contentment which is at peace and happy about your current state but excited and ready to keep moving forward in growing your business and life with purpose and without complaining.

Every entrepreneur, including those of us in the real estate sales business needs to know and apply this everyday!