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The Next Stage In Your Real Estate Career

I tell many agents, when i interview them for a real estate career with our company Eagle Realty, that we may not be right for them…yet.  I do believe in some situations that there are stages in your realtor career that require certain company culture and structure depending on your goals and how early you are in your career.  I think that, much like a butterfly, starting a career in real estate requires you to be at one stage, and then as your grow, a metamorphisys is needed to grow to new levels of success in your real estate business.

Not only does the success of your real estate business depend on the right fit of company and culture that align with the goals and trajectory you want for your career, but in addition to that the right stage of your career may require the right environment to successful. I think there are a couple ways you might be able to tell if you are in need of a “cocoon” period to make a change into something better:

  1. Has your production hit a plateau? Have you had 2 years of consistency, but no real growth like you had in previous years?
  2. Is over 80% of your business (closings & listings) generated by your own methods/marketing/sphere?
  3. Have you been in business for at least 3-4 years with success and growth year over year?
  4. Are you being constricted by non-producing tasks or routines in your office place because of “company policy”?
  5. Are you running into road block hindering you from brand building YOU and your real estate business?
  6. Would being able to earn more commission per closing allow you to re-invest more in your business allowing for more rapid growth?
  7. Do you find office policy is micro-managing your business and yet real help to grow your business isn’t really available when you need it?

Any (or all) of these could seriously hinder a fruitful and ever growing real estate career and your business as a realtor should be to grow without limit.  It may be time for you turn a new leaf, or better yet become a new realtor in a sense – like the butterfly, it may be time for your career to take flight and for you to leave the old behind and become new in your realtor career. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa