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Thee Eagle Reality – Episode 5 – “How Do You Communicate…Or How Don’t You”

In our culture, its all about our communication. For Realtors, one of the biggest complaints is the timely manner, or total lack, of our communication. If we want to succeed we have to communicate quickly and efficiently with everyone around us. That may mean communicating in ways you are not used to or comfortable with. That may mean learning new mediums and platforms of communication to connect with a variety of people and ages in our society and world. It is a necessary value that is only going to increase in necessity as we move forward into the future.

You will be judged as a professional on your ability to communicate not only quickly, but well. As a Real Estate Professional at Eagle Realty, one of core values since the founding of the company has been “timely communication”. This value means even more today, and in the future, then it did when it was decided upon.

Chris Ward, BIC
Eagle Realty
North Myrtle Beach, SC

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