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Treadmills Are Good For A Lot, But Not For Getting Somewhere

Working out on a treadmill can provide a ton of benefits.  Especially when you compare it to not working out at all.  But, on the pro side you don’t have to deal with inclement weather (like north myrtle beach and our south east has had recently….in march!)  You can change pace while maintaining consistency.  You can increase incline without tripping over rocks or needing a hill/mountain for intensity. (hard to find here near the beach).  It can be smoother on joints and knees.  You have an “auto-stop safety” switch…which can also be unsafe as i found out when i was younger.  It is convenient and accessible.  There is a reason treadmills were invented.

But….if you are trying to go somewhere, treadmills are no good.  They provide tremendous benefits, but also provide a limitation on going anywhere.  The proverbial hamster wheel.  You can always be moving but never arriving anywhere.  Always running forward, but never advancing.  Sure, great health benefits, but very limited experience of what the world has to offer.

As Realtors and those in the real estate profession you may be seeing my point here.  You career could be on a treadmill.  You are getting some benefits and seeing some results…but there may be a whole wide world of opportunity and experience that if you chose to break free and run outside, the possibility of finding and heading a new direction to actually achieve a destination would be a reality you could embrace.  And all is takes is opening up the door and taking a step.

Our company was, and is, built for those looking to actually go somewhere new in there career.  You could be doing great running inside, in place, at the steady speed you are at.  But if you are ready to try some new terrain on a new trail…still running, but in a direction that gets you somewhere, then lets talk. – Real Estate Careers @ Eagle Realty North Myrtle Beach – Meet the BIC