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Trick o’ Treat: Your Real Estate Career Shouldn’t Be Scary

Here we go – #halloween is here.  Ghosts and ghouls, scary costumes and cavities from too much candies.  One great thing about being an adult is buying the right candy that if you have left overs you know you have something you like left.  Or, maybe even hiding a couple pieces to make sure you have left overs.  But, what’s up with the phrase “trick or treat”?

Our real estate career can be a mix of cruel jokes and awesome delights.  So i think the phrase fits well.  But either way, fear should not be an option.  I mean, honestly everything in life is going to have ups and downs.  Life has peaks and valleys, so why should our career be any different?  But if we live in fear we will never move forward and get anything accomplished.  Maybe we should start looking at the phrase “trick o treat” as a win-win.

In the expectation of possible issues, and the assurance that the good will always out weigh the bad, we can gain a perspective of momentum and not one of fear.  Fear hinders us from productivity.  Perspective of taking the bad while moving towards the good keeps us moving forward in our career (and life).  When I was a kid growing up, i am pretty sure that 99% of the time, i was given a “treat” when i asked the question “trick o’ treat”.  But, sometimes that treat was a penny or a pencil, or something non-candy.  Now, i could have gone all gangsta and threw some eggs or got the TP from my house to do a little decorating for that neighbor.  But, i learned that I had more candy than not.  So, how does that translate?  Your real estate career will give you some non-treats sometimes, but you’re a realtor!!  It’s a pretty sweet life (and career) when your successful as a real estate agent!  Happy Halloween! – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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