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Variety & Choice: The Best About Your Realtor Career

You have heard me say before, and you will again, the freedom of choice in your real estate career is one of the greatest assets we have to grow our career in the real estate industry.  The first choice you have is affiliation with a brokerage.  And i think you may be gathering in your search or even your experience of being in the business for a while, the right company can make a world of difference in the trajectory of your success in real estate.

I could go into my pitch here.  How Eagle Realty is better for your career – whether you are a new agent fresh out of school or have been in the industry for years.  I could really sell you on how Eagle is the best place to grow your career, the way you want, while having the benefits of coaching, training, resources, etc. at your fingertips.  I could, but I won’t.

I believe what you need to hear is the opposite – that Eagle may NOT be the best place for your career to thrive.  And the truth is, that’s ok.  There is a reason that Realtors are successful under many different models and brokerages.  Some franchises, small or large.  Some regional or local independents.  Some new home and on site sales.  The goal is to find where you fit and mesh to be the most successful in your real estate career.  And my goal: to read from our interactions if that is with my company at Eagle Realty or not.  Because i see no reason that you need to join my brokerage if you will not be successful in our culture.  And, to go one step further – I want to help you and find where you might be the most successful.  Which means, i will gladly suggest my “competition” in real estate if i believe you might be a good fit there. (*gasp)

And furthermore – the reality is you may evolve and become a great fit at my company, or at the least, a bad fit at your current company.  Recognize it and don’t be afraid to admit that you need a change.  Not for the sake of change, but to take your career to a new level that can’t be achieve where you are.  The greatest power you have: Variety & Choice – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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