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What New Thing Are You Trying As A Realtor?

It’s summer. Your real estate business is booming.  As a realtor, you may be busy, but since times are going pretty good, you can afford to maybe try something new.  A new marketing idea, a new type of signage, a new picture for your business card.  Or on the flip side – nothing you are doing seems to be working in your real estate career, so you NEED to try something new!  Either way – have you given thought to what?

I remember the first time i grilled corn on the grill.  Now it has become the norm of how i cook it in the summer.  For 27 years of my life, i had only ever boiled corn on the cob, and then i tried something different….and liked it.  That doesn’t mean that i totally stopped having boiled corn (or corn in the can or bag for that matter on the stove top).  That means i found a new method of consumption and enjoyed the new flavor it brought out.  I hadn’t had mexican street corn until 2 years ago.  Even had fried corn on the cob when i moved to South Carolina.

In your real estate career – what new things have you tried on old objectives.  If it’s buyer leads, have you ran FB ads targeting local buyers that sends them to a landing page with a free foreclosure list?  Have you done an Open House on FB live or Insta Stories live?  Have you searched to build your twitter and Insta audience by #(yourlocation) to reach people nearby?  So, do you have a VLOG or informative real estate web show that is consistent to your Youtube and Facebook audience?  How are you branding/marketing/targeting leads that is “new” and “different”.

Remember, even our communication has changed.  We have to be open to adding (not forsaking) relevant new things to our tool box.  To many people think by change you are meant to get rid of.  That isn’t always the case.  The Question wasn’t what are you replacing, but rather new thing (in addition to) are you trying in your real estate career? – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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