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What’s Your Situation? #RealtorReflect Pt. 2

Do you ever just stop and evaluate exactly what you are doing and where you are at in your career at this very moment?  Do you ever take a full mental stock of exactly what your current situation is when it comes to your real estate career?  If you haven’t done that in a while, maybe it is time.  I know that the busy schedule of a Realtor sometimes doesn’t allow us the ability to really stop what we are doing to assess, but we need to prioritize this if we want to take our business to the next level.  I mean, not on a daily basis, but i would suggest at least once every quarter (3 months) or maybe even monthly.  At the very very least, yearly.  Taking a full view of our business situation and seeing if it is in alignment with how we want our business to grow and be successful is critical to our upward trajectory of success.  In the same way your car needs alignment every once in a while to keep it going straight, your business is no different.

There are many area of your business and career, and a lot of “topics” you could assess when looking at your business.  But I am going to focus on 3.  I may be bias towards these three, but don’t think this is all you need to take stock of right now as a Realtor.  I just want to point these topics out because they are something on my mind mostly every day.

  1. My company situation – Where you have affiliated your license or team as a Real Estate professional can be critical to your long lasting success in the business.  The amount of agent that migrate to different companies every year is staggering, and many times it is for the wrong reasons.  Whether they are just mad at a person or policy and then jump ship, or they see a bright and shiny new commission play across the street, certain reasons are not the RIGHT reason to be finding a new brokerage.  But on the other hand, an honest assessment of the culture and company you are in where you find non-negotiable constructs that hinder your business growth and going to the next level is a reason to evaluate if there is a better “fit” for your career goals.  Relationship and culture matter as well, but resourcing and alignment with where you want YOUR business to go matters even more.
  2. My branding situation – I know a ton of companies that only want agent to build their brand or even their Broker/Team Leaders name and brand.  These agent are cogs in a wheel and more employee than agent.  Traditional methods and corporate policy dictate the agents actions and career goals.  And let me say, that WORKS for some!  And that’s ok.  But if you are stifled and want the freedom to create your own brand, create content and market yourself or your team as a true business under your brokerage, you may need to find the right company that aligns and allows your goals.  Again, we are talking about finding the right fit for your success (as defined by you) in real estate.
  3. My personal situation – Now this could mean and be different for a lot of people to interpret.  But, let me steer this a little (though you can come to your own conclusions and how you want to question this for yourself).  What’s your family, relationship, monetary, discipline, work ethic, situation?  I believe we need to take stock of who we are and what we do on the daily and what our mentality and motivations are.  Do you have a family to support?  Do you procrastinate or falter on discipline with work?  What habits or areas of my life do I need to change?  In this area, I am not afraid to say you should really assess this daily and strive to change it.  Being self-aware I believe is critical in being successful in real estate, but also no matter what business you are in.  Knowing to your core, your strengths and your weaknesses is super critical.

Remember, these are only 3 areas I am encouraging you to really look at in your business.  There are a ton of others and when it really comes to it, I just want to get the conversation and thinking started…. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa