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I think most of us in business and especially in the real estate business have heard of a “win-win” situation.  We continually strive to make sure our clients gets the best deal, service, and scenario for their real estate transaction whether on the buyer or the seller side.  Most of the time we are trying to bridge or create a “win-win” scenario so every in the transaction gets not only what they want, but they are happy about what they are getting.  Creating a win-win in my personal opinion is the best thing we can do as a Realtor for the long term growth of our business.  There is a sense of fairness and trust built when your goal is to bring this mentality and reality to every transaction and deal.  You can build a tremendous reputation with (most) people if you are known for making sure a deal gets everyone what they are wanting as much as possible.  Obviously the basic principle of real estate is to have a willing seller find an able and willing buyer that, thus satisfying both their needs.  As a Realtor, then you create multiple win-win scenarios throughout the transaction, thus creating a wonderful real estate experience for all parties.

The next level of this mentality goes between brokerages and their agents.  Whenever I hire agents onto our team at Eagle Realty, my goal is to create win-win scenarios between the company and the agent.  My goal is to build agents success and in turn that will grow our company success over time as well.  Through compensation structure, resources and training tools, technology tools and flexibility/adaptation, I believe we create an environment and culture that allows for both the agent and the company to thrive and grow.  This is the ultimate win-win in business growth for real estate.

So now, lets talk about a win-win-win.  This is birthed out my idea that between the brokerage, the agent (Realtor), and the client a multi faceted winning scenario should be created at both the business growth and transactional experience level.  By creating this triple win scenario I think we are striving for the best work and client culture here at Eagle  My goal is to make sure that everyone feels like they have achieved a win in the relationship, their business, and their experience. That is an ultimate goal i have for our company, our team, and our clients we serve. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa