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You Don’t Have To Be A Loner in #RealEstate

Let me start off by saying that I am for sure NOT a cat person.  Which is semi-ironinc since I don’t care for the responsibilities that come with taking care of dogs (pets in general) and cats tend to be a little less maintenance, but also that I function very well autonomously in my life.  At the same time, i just kind of think cats are of the Devil. (hahah).  But seriously, they do tend to be very independent and self absorbed, only seeking attention and love when they really feel like it.  What does all this have to do with Realtors and your real estate career?  A lot.

On one hand you hear me talk a lot about how if you are a Realtor, you are a business owner.  And thats very true.  But it can also sound very lonely and cut off.  I mean, being an entrepreneur can be very lonely at times, but not always.  In fact, in real estate you have some distinct advantages and resources so you never feel that way.  There are two very specific ways that I want to point out that should give you the ability and the mindset that you are never (unless you choose to be) alone in growing your real estate business.  One is your Brokerage/Company, and two is team building.

Now you may say, “Chris I am like you and own my own company.”  Well great!  Then team building fills the gap on two levels not just one.  But most of you reading this are normal general brokerage agents working in a brokerage culture of some sort.  Doesn’t matter if franchise or not, but what does matter is you should be affiliated with a company that cares that you are there.  Meaning, your not alone because you have a broker/manager and company resources for your business.  You also potentially have other agents to connect with.  You can’t say you are alone, because by the very nature of your business you have to have a broker in charge above your license and that means you have someone.  Someone who cares about your success and is there to be a resources and provide resources to grow your real estate business.  You can shift your mentality knowing that you don’t have to wander around not knowing what to do because your company can guide you…if you let them.  There is a give and take I tell agents all the time: Did you ask?  Did you ask for help?  Did you ask to meet?  Did you ask how to do something?  There is a responsibility on the agent side to be PROACTIVE in your career.

The second point is a little easier.  If you feel alone in your business, then build a team.  Ad an admin assistant, or a buyers agent.  Start creating a strategy that includes putting people beside you to grow your business.  There are no rules saying you have to be a singular Realtor your whole career and go this alone.  You can build a company within a company.  You can build a team that brings its own resources while also using the resources of your company and Broker.  It’s the best of both worlds!

The point is don’t go this alone.  You don’t have to.  Your success can involve others, plus have a positive impact on others.  You have resources that you possibly haven’t tapped into, and your “I’m all alone in this” mentality needs to shift today!

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