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You’re A New Realtor Pt. 4 – “5/5/4 Everyday – or At Least 1/1/1”

If you have been in real estate as a career for while you have probably heard of Tom Ferry.  I really like and appreciate Tom’s content, attitude, and willingness to give a good amount of quality content to help your career at no cost. – He (and others as well) – talk a lot about an “hour of power”.  Now you can call this time whatever you want and something maybe less dramatic.  But, whatever you want to call it, the point is contacting people every day.

5/5/4 is basically contacting 5 people in your sphere/database, 5 new people, and 4 old leads/potentials.  This is a min per day.  Think about all the conversations you could have!  This doesn’t just have to be phone calls, it could be texts, FB messages, Snaps, etc.  The point is a 1-on-1 message to 14 people per day.  But, sometimes 14 isn’t realistic for some.  Especially if you are just starting your real estate career. ( )

So, since 5/5/4 is part of Tom’s Million Dollar Agent plan, I came up with a minimum of 1/1/1.  Same purpose of 1 in your sphere, 1 new person, and 1 old lead.  When you run the numbers, this works out to more of a $100,000 agent plan.  For your first year in real estate, $100,000 seems like a reasonable and successful goal.  Think about only reaching out to 3 people a day – that seems way more of a task easy to digest.

The point is being proactive.  You don’t wait on real estate business to come to you.  You have to make it happen.  You are a business owner and operator.  Many people forget about the “operator” part.  That’s the real meat of it.  You are going to make or break your business success.  Connecting with people is the only way to grow your real estate business.  If you do it more than the guy in the office next to you, statistics suggest you will sell more real estate.  It’s a numbers game.  So take advantage. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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