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You’re A New Realtor: Pt 1 – “Database Your Network & Sphere”

So, on my podcast (which you can listen to via my #Soundcloud or subscribe on iTunes – “The Eagle Reality Career Talk” podcast) – I started a new 5 part series for New Realtors who are thinking of or just starting their career in real estate.  Being in North Myrtle Beach, SC, we have a lot of rookies getting into the industry and just starting their career, and I thought a simple 5 step “start” outline might be helpful.  Some of these tips, i think Realtors who have even been in the industry a while could benefit from.  With just a little tweak in perspective and purpose, these 5 steps could be applied at any point in your career in my opinion.

This first tip for new realtors though is one that is overlooked a lot.  In one word: Database.  You need to take your current sphere (family, friends, co-workers, past people, Facebook, etc.) and create and email and phone database.  There are many free CRM (including what your new brokerage and MLS may provide you) for you to create your database and a means of consistent contact from you.  Contacting everyone you know and telling them you are in real estate sales now is just beginning.  It’s the constant and consistent meaningful communication from that point forward in your career that is going to make you a success.  You need to create it and keep adding emails to it as you go.  You need to create strategy in contacting both the individual, the small groups, and the whole of the list throughout the month and year.  NAR states that over the life of your career in real estate, 70-75% or more of your business will come from your sphere you have and create.  This should not be neglected from the start of your real estate business.

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