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So You’re A New Realtor, Pt. 5: Systems & Processes Matter

As a Realtor, as in most industries, efficiency matters.  Systems and processes are just logical, orderly, and repeatable construct for doing the things you do.  Creating a repetition habitat and a “way of doing things” can create speed in the process, thus making you more productive and not getting bogged down in mundane tasks that take away from the time you need to be doing the more important revenue producing tasks.

In my opinion, people (and Realtors) over complicate what a system and process is.  Your morning routine when you awake up has a process.  Your gmail account is a system.  You use and do both everyday.  This is not a foreign concept or something you need to learn – you just need to apply it to your real estate career.  You can do this in many ways:

  • The way you show a home
  • How you “qualify” a buyer to see how serious they are and are they ready to buy (asking the same questions each time)
  • Explaining contracts
  • Your Listing presentation
  • Putting the same docs in your buyer and seller packets
  • Your call/text/email routine each morning (see last blog here – )
  • Your social media posting/content strategy daily
  • You CRM database is a “system” –

All of these and more are simple things you KNOW to do, but when you repeat them and do them the same way each time they become a process and/or a system.  The caveat to all of that is to not get “stuck” in your ways if a better system/process is introduced.  Be flexible enough to recognize something that may be better – BUT, don’t just change for the sake of change.  If what you are doing is efficient and you are productive, then changing only disrupts that.  You need to be able to recognize if something is an improvement, or just a “different” way of doing what you are already doing without really bettering the system or process. – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – @EagleRealtySC – @EagleRealtySC
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